Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mei-Ting Sun

A interesting contrast with Lang Lang can be found in the playing of Mei-Ting Sun. And for fans here's some good news:

"In September, Sun will travel to Warsaw, Poland, to represent the United States in the International Chopin Competition." Read on.

While not WTB's pick for the International Chopin Competition's top prize (we happen to be rooting for another pianist), we are confident that Sun will be a major point of interest at the competition. What's striking, at leat to our ears, about Sun as a young pianist is the seemingly all-too rare combination of originality and maturity.

Definitely check out his "" website here. The site aims to "provide free, good classical piano recordings to the general public, in addition to the goal of educating the masses on the full range of expressions within classical music." Visit the site if for no other reason than to listen to the remarkable mp3's of pianist Koji Atwood.

Mei Ting Sun. Remember the name and keep your ears open. You won't be disappointed.

Check out his website Link.

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