Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mozart for Pigs?

And now another incredible "use" for classical music.

"I saw that my pigs started eating more and that they were gaining weight faster than usual," said Cong, who told AFP he now blasts his animals with the tunes of the great European composers daily from 7am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm. "

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Classical music labels, rev your engines. "Piggy's First Beethoven"???

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Birthday Note

Happy Birthday wishes to Emejota! One of the most interesting and clever voices in the blogosphere.

Click on over and give him some blog love for his 36th birtday.

alice coltrane

I was very sad to learn of Alica Coltrane' death. An enormous talent.

JazzTimes has a fine write up here.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not So Easy Listening

I think violist Miles Hofman has got it just about right.

"Still, I'd much prefer our classical music marketers aim high, rather than low, especially because low targets tend to get lower and the slope toward outright pandering — "Mozart Babes" anyone? — is very slippery. And I admit that I find more value in celebrating the power of great music to elevate, rather than anesthetize, the human spirit."

and there's this to ponder

"And speaking of why people listen to music, did you know that when "classical" public radio stations survey their audiences, the most common answer to the question "why do you listen to classical music" is "because it's soothing"?"

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move over organ donors

"Claiming that organ donor programs across the nation have received more than their share of free publicity over the years, the newly-formed Piano Donor Coalition of America is launching an effort to seize the donor program spotlight."

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One of those stories that warms the heart:

"The big red D.C. Moore Moving Co. truck causes quite a stir when it pulls up outside a small white house in Orlando's Richmond Heights neighborhood. As a gleaming piano topped with a huge red bow is unloaded onto the sidewalk, Toshmari rushes from the house. His mother, great-grandmother and little sister follow. Grimes, his wife, Kathy, and music teacher Green bring up the rear. Curious kids circle on bicycles. Neighbors gawk from front porches. And a fellow in a Santa suit alights from a green SUV, greeting everyone with a hearty "Ho, ho, ho.""
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Now you see it, Now you don't

So what I'm wondering is who bought Whitney Houston's "see-thru" piano.
It's reportedly one of these Schimmel acrylic jobs.

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calling all clarinetists

The talented folks at Clariperu have started the "New Year" in grand fashion. To celebrate their 10th year, they have initiated an ambitious musical marathon of creative interpretation.

"Clariperu invites all clarinetists to participate in the first "Musical Marathon - Prize for Most Creative Interpretation" that will take place on the Internet, from January 10th to August 10th, 2007, an event that involves all instruments of the clarinet family. One of the main goals of this musical marathon is to motivate the performance of a non conventional work for solo clarinet, and to involve directly the visitors/listeners - as they will elect the three most interesting interpretations."

"La página web de Clariperu invita a todos los clarinetistas a participar de esta primera "Maratón Musical - Premio a la interpretación Creativa" que se realizará por Internet, del 10 de enero al 10 de agosto del 2007, y que contempla a cualquier instrumento de la familia del clarinete. Este evento tiene como principal propósito la motivación a interpretar una obra no convencional para clarinete solo, e involucrar directamente a los navegantes/oyentes - al ser ellos quienes elegirán a las tres interpretaciones más interesantes."

Read more about this exciting event here. Information is available in English and Spanish. There is a link to the score written for the event and recordings to enjoy. Check it out and help spread the word.

Best of luck!