Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fear the Metronome

"The honors department at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette was evacuated Wednesday. A custodian found a ticking bag on the first floor and called the campus cops. A university spokeswoman says it turns out there was a metronome in the bag." More here. And more here.

And should enquiring minds need more, here's a brief history of the
the metronome here. I never liked the metronome during my student days. Nowadays, let's just say we've made a truce. It's a handy tool when not abused --or allowed to abuse!

Need a metronome? Well, here's one that runs on your computer or laptop. It's free! Check it out here. And another sofware version here.

Or you can skip the whole thing, including practice, and just play the Xbox game called Metronome.

Choice, choices, choices.

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