Thursday, May 05, 2005

Big Brother Bites the Dust.. Or Not.

Follow along over at "The Overgrown Path for the shake out following the premier of Lorin Maazel's operatic translation of Orwell "1984" (1984 the Opera.

In reading over the dust-up from the critics, I have to say I've not read anything that makes me *not* want to see the opera. In fact, I have had a hard time finding anything that smacks of substantive or meaningful criticism. More pointedly, Andrew Clements' write up for the The Guardian strikes me as amounting to nothing short of a fit of nincompoopery.

The real core of the fuss is probably, as "The Overgrown Path" observes, "actually about someone who has never written an opera being allowed to buy a staging at Covent Garden."

And, finally, I guess (push come to shove) that Jessica Duchen is right: "the vast majority of new operas are actually crap". Still I want to see it.

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