Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cliburn Chatter - The Home Stretch

The finals are coming into view. Thus far here's the picks and pans from the last few days from this side of the computer. Your own mileage will of course vary ;)

Kobrin and Cabassi. I belive that these are the two best musicians in the competition. Kobrin I think is the better technician. Cabassi's recital sparked a bit of complaint (particualrly his Beethoven). Trailing not far behind is Plano and Martinez.

Low point? For me it was An's performances. These seemed bad all around, even the chamber music which other liked did nothing for me. I will be very surprised if he gets a spot in the finals.

Most over-hyped? Joyce Yang. She just simply to my ears has not yet developed the depth of musicianship required of a medalist. I'd not expect her to continue on.

I liked Sa Chen despite slips. She played with a gorgeous tone throughout. I'd like to hear more of her playing, but I'm afraid that's it this go. Hope to be wrong.

Best Chamber music playing? Had to be Roberto Plano. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Finalists? My predictions?


(edit: I'd prefer to see Huang in place of Feng, but I doubt it will tip that way).

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