Sunday, May 29, 2005

Liszt, Thalberg, and A Piano on eBay

If you're lookig to buy a piano and have a few hundred thousand dollars handy, you may want to check out a piano listed over on eBay. It is purported to be the piano used by Liszt and Thalberg for their legendary "ivory duel".

See the piano (a rare Erard concert grand) as posted at eBay right


Read about the "ivory duel" and long standing rivalry between Liszt and Thalberg
online here

Personally, I've gotten any room for that kind of monster. I'm just hoping to find me one of these sweet babes.

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Carl Philipp said...

If anyone is interested, here is a recording of a previously unrecorded work by Thalberg

Tenéis una versión de la marcha original para piano aquí: