Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Van Cliburn Competition: Semi-Finalists

Here's the official slate of semi-finalists. WTB's earlier picks for the semi-finals are in bold red:

1. Mr. Ning An,
2. Mr. Davide Cabassi
3. Ms. Jie Chen,
4. Ms. Sa Chen
5. Ms. Ying Feng
6. Ms. Chu-Fang Huang
7. Mr. Alexander Kobrin
8. Ms. Gabriela Martinez
9. Ms. Maria Mazo
10. Mr. Roberto Plano
11. Mr. Wang Xiaoha
12. Ms. Joyce Yang

The biggest winner will likely be Stephen Beus. The unfortunate decision to eliminate him this early on in the competition will probably only further enhance the buzz surrounding him. Good for him !

And this leads to the next consideration: Certainly they are all pianists with great technique, but how many have the goods needed for a long career, one music lovers will passionately care about once the competition is over?

One really pleasant surprise is that Maria Mazo made the cut (we thought she would be unfairly passed over and glad we were wrong).

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog via Google after today's Star-Telegram (Fort Worth) article regarding the existence of another online blog. Anyway, I was happy to "find" you. Thanks for your interesting site and, in particular, for your site of the week on women pianists.