Sunday, May 22, 2005

Good Doggie

Just as I've long suspected! Dogs prefer listening to Bach. It's a fact.

loves Bach Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

You know, that really is true. When my dog was a puppy the ONLY way I could get him to shut up and stop barking was by putting on a Bach CD. Dogs SO have better taste than the majority of humans.

The Well Tempered Blog said...

One of our resident mutts loves laying under the piano at practice time. He is more sensitive to some notes more than others, even "singing" at times.

Anonymous said...

My dog, Nelly, hates Poulenc. When I was learning the Toccata, she would race to the kitchen, flip over the trash can and tear the garbage up. She only does this when I'm playing that Poulenc Toccata.

I suspect that Nelly actually is not a dog, but some being channeling my old (and now deceased) piano teacher, who also did not care for Poulenc and hated the Schnabel edition of Beethoven's sonatas. Nelly pulled my Schnabel edition of the sonatas off the bench last year and chewed giant holes in it.

Nelly seems to enjoy Mozart, Scarlatti, and Schubert. She'll lie on her back under the piano, all four paws in the air (she's a lab), when she hears those composers.

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Thanks for that story! Well, I suppose one man's ambrosia is another dogs, well, you get the idea. :)