Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bloglandia and the Van Cliburn

A nice article on blogging and the Van Cliburn Competition appeared yesterday in the Star-Telegram. Read it here (requires reg). The Well-Tempered Blog rates mention and a quote. Cool.

Other blogs and bloggers mentioned are: Thomas Vitzthum, a German fellow, blogging for the German online classical music site Klassic, and Carl Tait who is writing the web commentary for the Van Cliburn site's official blog. We like it. Not only because we agree with most of Tait's takes on the performances (we have some quibbling, but that'll wait), but because it's an enjoyable read all around. Preliminaries were nicely handled by Mike Winters, though we often disagreed with him. But, hey, that's the spice that makes it fun.

The work the Van Cliburn Foundation has put into providing a real-time streaming webcast is keenly appreciated. According to the article, the Van Cliburn folks have had over 16, 000 hits on their webpage since the start of the competition. I don't know exactly how that traffic breaks down, but I hope they'll continue to further beef up and/or explore alternative online delivery methods. Without a doubt it's one of the best things on net for piano lovers!

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