Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Hint of Yorkshire

The detecting contines (by armchair and professional investigators alike). Various theories are being advanaced as to "Piano Man's" identity. Among the most interesting (at least from the sidelines)is the suggestion that he is Canada's "Mr. Nobody":

"Mr Nobody spoke like an Englishman and appeared to have had an English public-school education — including Latin and Greek. A linguistics expert thought he heard a hint of Yorkshire in his accent. The Toronto hospital gave him a name he apparently mentioned when first admitted — Philip Staufen — and he later called himself Keith Ryan. Friends of a former French porn star who had lived in England, known as Georges or George Lecuit or Lechit, said they recognised him. But nothing was proved and the man eventually chose a Scandinavian name, Sywald Skeid. The Canadian police doubted he was a genuine amnesiac and held him on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. But he got married to the daughter of one of his lawyers, and was bailed to live in British Columbia. Now, he is reported to be missing from there. He was about the same age as the Piano Man — between 25 and 35 — and like him, he turned up with dyed blond hair and the labels torn out of his clothes. They look similar, and Canadian press cuttings confirm Mr Nobody later had plastic surgery. Reports from Canada say that when last heard of, his wife had gone to Portugal to arrange a visa for him, and he was expected to join her there. Read all about it here

and more here. And scroll mid-page for more here.

Yes, Jessica there's a movie brewing in this story. Seriously. At this rate, he will no doubt achieve far greater celebrity status than this year's winner of the Van Cliburn. Dang!

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