Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Classical by day, Latin by night

"In New York, I ended up playing a lot of gigs at night, mostly Latin jazz and Latin salsa," he said. "I was living uptown in a very Latin area; a lot of Mexicans, a lot of Puerto Ricans. I was hanging out, going to a lot of clubs, and I checked out Paquito D'Rivera and Michel Camilo, and a lot of great music, which in Detroit was just not happening.

"So I ended up doing classical music by day and at night hanging out, and little by little I really got into Latin music heavily."

Hanlon's fourth album, La Gorda Linda, features all these disparate influences. The CD is fueled by the popular hit single and title track, which features guest artist Tito Nieves. The raucous tune opens with a heavy bass/piano riff that sounds like a cross between Pretty Woman and the theme from the Peter Gunn TV series."

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