Monday, November 19, 2007

Play It Forward

Hippies, minstrels, and motorists take note:

The Public Piano Peace Tour has kicked off, or more accurately rolled off, in the Morongo Basin. Public Piano Peace is not the name of an alternative rock band whose music defies description; however, music is intrinsically related to the process. It is also an athletic endeavor.

Dang! Why am I not having this kind of fun?!

Buying a Bosendorfer

How about Bosendorfer itself? Broadman pianos of Vienna now owns Bosendorfer, beating back by a whisker or two Japanese titan Yamaha.

Details here.

The New Instrument?

Maybe it's just the holidays looming ahead. I'm certainly no luddite. But I can't help but think this "instrument" basically boils down to another crappy VST with blinking lights.

I am speaking here of the new "Tenori-On" musical instrument from Yamaha.

Pictures and videos found here.

This would have been so cool in 1978.