Tuesday, May 24, 2005

That Other Piano Competition

While the "Ivory Circus" and its high-stakes fun in Texsas wind to a close, there's another competition gearing up that you might want to check out: The 2005 World Chamionship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest. Details about the event are here.

Competiting in the contest are:

Eytan Uslan - Charlotte, NC - Regular Division
Jennifer Hund - Lebanon, IL - Junior Division
Andrew Eichholz - Belleville, IL - Junior Division
Samuel Noethe - O'Fallon, IL - Junior Division
Edward Folk - Lebanon, IL - Junior Division
Morgan Siever - Carlyle, IL - Junior Division
Brandi Long - Danville, IL - Junior Division
Sang Park - Shiloh, IL - Junior Division
Charles Davis Jr - Greensboro, NC - Regular Division
Tom Cortese - Champaign, IL - Regular Division
Faye Ballard - Champaign, IL - Regular Division
Andrew Moore - St. Charles, MO - Junior Division
Russell Wilson - Greenbelt, MD - Regular Division
Adam Yarian - Bowie, MD - Regular Division
Harrison Wade - Decatur, IL - Junior Division
Rod Ludwig - Seymour, IN - Senior Division
Roben Martin - Carlyle, IL - Junior Division
Adam Swanson - Dansville, MI - Junior Division
Brett Youens - Tubingen, Germany - Regular Division
Alex Henrichs - Breese, IL - Junior Division
Bryan Wright - Lynchburg, VA - Regular Division
Karah Gettleman - Bismark, IL - Junior Division
Dale Wells - Kalamazoo, MI - Regular Division
"Perf" Bill Edwards - Ashburn, VA - Regular Division

There's a nice write up of one of the young players to keep your ears open for

Harrison Wade .

Looks like loads of fun.

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