Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Healthy Musician

Mark your calendars.

June 17-21 are the dates for the "Healthy Musician" series of workshops at Ithaca College in, of course, gorgeous Ithaca, New York. One of the great places to visit in the fine state of New York.

Intended for both musicians and health care providers "workshops will focus on health and musical performance. A multidisciplinary faculty will examine the physical and mental factors that affect both the musician and performance and will discuss the care and prevention of music-related injuries...Music faculty will address the physical demands in five major instrument groups -- brass, strings, keyboards, voice, and reeds -- and the workshop faculty will give a Saturday evening recital. Attendees are welcome to perform during the demonstrations and the recital."

A bevy of interesting links and article's focusing on the performing arts and health can be found online from Ithaca College here

While everyone is getting healthy in the birthplace of the ice cream sundae , "Well Tempered Blog" recommends visiting Purity Ice Cream. We love the "Mocha Chip" and "Green Tea"!

Mmmmmmmmm.....Mocha cream..

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