Saturday, May 21, 2005

Van Cliburn Competition - the view from here

Logistical nightmare or my own misfortune? The live feed online from the Van Cliburn Competition seemed to be down. Haven't tested it on various sytems yet, but will give it a whirl later. Anyone had any luck with it? Dang it!

The official blogs are up for the competitions. But, at the moment, they consist mainly of chit-chat and yip-yap about the kick off event at John and Lesa Oudt's estate (plastic keys, cowboy boots, etc). Last post yesterday. Find it online here. Bloggers are Mike Winter (a free lance classical music critic) and Carl Tait (a semi-finalist from a previous VC Amateur competition). We'll keep checking back.

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pianoplayer0123 said...

I was today on Alexander Kobrin's (Van Cliburn competition winner)recital at Dinkelspiel's auditorium (on Stanford University campus) with my friend Alla Artemova. He played many pieces, and I especially like his 24 Chopin's preludes.