Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday Tubes

From Albeniz's opera "Merlin"

Surf's Up

Some recent additions to WTB's list of favorites. Each of them offers music lovers loads of good things:

Svensk Musik / Swedish Music Information Centre

A special shout out for ICSM's "World New Muisc Day". Three Swedish cities 2009's World Music Days "an international festival focusing on contemporary music and sound art." The theme for this year is “Listen to the world”. Extra points for having a visually appealing splash page with a boxer on it. Point your peepers here: Link

And living up to it's motto of "A Life with music would be a mistake" is the Red Iberoamericana de Músicos / Iberoamerican Musicians Network. Noteworthy are the various piano-four hands arrangements found on the site here. The site also features a lively forum. Monolinguals take note: the site is in Spanish only.

Need to know what's "buzzing" in the classical blogosphere? Check out "Classical Music Buzz".

Happy surfing!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Update:  testing a new blogging tool (a java based client). You can try it for yourself, if that sort of thing suits your inner geek, via Google's "Summer of Code ". Link

And Back Again

Another summer holiday comes to an end. Regular blogging to resume.

stay tuned.