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Happy Holiday!

Happy Holidays and New Year's

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Marcel Duchamp and John Cage

New gould Film

I've not seen it yet, but this does look interesting.
Genius Within finds many witnesses to Gould's offbeat personality -- his inner life -- and illustrates them with intriguing footage of the man himself. The result is a portrait both well-trod and new of a visionary musician whose torments were both real and manufactured. As Kingwell says, he was only at home when he was playing music.


Equally of interest is an interview with Christopher Foss:

Mr. Foss, now 52, was 9 at the time his mother left his father, the famous pianist and composer Lukas Foss. Ms. Foss moved to Toronto with her two children in 1968 and stayed for almost five years to be with Mr. Gould before returning to her husband.
 Read the rest here.

The Fluid Piano

Now this I want...

Geoff Smith believes he has come up with the first multicultural acoustic piano – what he has trademarked as a fluid piano – which allows players to alter the tuning of notes either before or during a performance. Instead of a pianist having a fixed sound, 88 notes from 88 keys, Smith's piano has sliders allowing them access to the different scales that you get in, for example, Indian and Iranian music. For good measure, Smith has included a horizontal harp.


Check out it out -- video and details all found here. Or check out the video below the jump.

David Brubek

Break out the birthday cake for Dave Brubeck.


Born in Concord, California, on December 6, 1920, David Warren Brubeck seems to have entered the
world with music in his blood. The Brubeck family also produced two more professional musicians, Brubeck’s two elder brothers. Young Dave took to the keys at an early age, taught by his mother who had studied classical piano in England.

20 questions with Pianist David Fray

Check out Playbill's game of 20 questions with pianist David Fray.

Most intriguing.. for my money is no 5

" 5. Definitely underrated work(s) or composer (s): A: Ernst Krenek...

Regalado José

RIP. Noted pianist and pedagogue Regalado José passed away.

The AT&T piano....

Sad really...