Tuesday, August 30, 2005

a training camp for pianists

An interesting write-up on the 7th annual Oxford International Piano Festival:

"The festival has become a highlight of the city's cultural calendar and a boost to Oxford's haphazard profile as a center for musical excellence (always a poor second to Cambridge). And its program of high-profile master classes linked to concerts, and informal opportunities for mealtime gossip, makes it an attractive marketplace for talent and ideas....

and "Not surprisingly, in her public classes, MacGregor encouraged all her students to be daring and think outside the box. She also had a memorably innovative line on practice, urging students to imagine that their Liszt and Chopin had been written by Scarlatti or someone equally remote. Lill, by contrast, asked for nothing so unconventional or so decisive in his classes. Formally polite, reserved, wearing a tie, he spoke with caution - largely, he explained, "because I never really know what teaching is. "I'm happy giving master classes," he added." Read the rest

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