Sunday, August 07, 2005

Chu-Fang Huang!

Congratulations to Chu-Fang Huang! Winner of this the 2005 Cleveland International Piano Competition.

Huang first caught my attention at the Cliburn. Happy to see more attention focused on this talented pianist.

Complete list of the winners:

First Prize Chu-Fang Huang, 23, China
Second Prize Sergey Kuznetsov, 27, Russia
Third Prize Stanislav Khristenko, 21, Russia
Fourth PrizeSpencer Myer, 26, USA

I am truly surprised, though not disappointed with, Myer's fouth place finish. I'd have thought his local audience appeal would have carried him further. And on that note, here are my predictions and personal choices posted earlier this week:

My personal ranking:

1st Prize: Chu-fan Huang
My vote for 2nd prize: Khristenko
My vote for 3rd prize: Kuznetsov

What I predicted:

Huang 1st Prize
Myer 2nd Prize
Khristenko 3rd Prize

Correctly placing Chu-fan Huang for 1st prize and Khristenko for 3rd Prize.

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