Thursday, August 25, 2005

Today's Blog Pick

There are perhaps less than a dozen blogs that I return to read on a regular basis. One such blog is Punctus contra Punctus. A strikingly personal and erudite blog from Mexico, the posts often read like letters addressed to a friend and deal with much more than music. Where else will you find mention of the "The Engineers Cookbook" cohabitating with posts on Bach toccatas, and the challenges of writing a cadenza in the style of Mozart?. It's today's blog pick. Give it a visit!


Hucbald said...

That is a cool blog, and I've been needing to bone up on my "Espanol" (How DO you get an enyay on a keyboard?) ;^)

Antonio Bricio-Hernández said...

Gracias, Bart!


The "ñ" is obtained by pressing the key "alt" and the number 164. The numbre 165 is fot the capital letter.

Saludos y Abrazos