Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today's Found on the Web

"My wife has commenced to practice, and the
first time she touched the machine I thought
we were in the midst of a thunder-storm, and
the lightening had struck the crockery-chest.
The cat, with tail erect, took a bee-line for
a particular friend on the back fence.
The baby awoke, and the little fellow tried
his best to beat the instrument, but he couldn't
do it. It beat him.......
.... But I have to stand it all. The Snookeses
and the Smitherses and all the fashionable peo-
ple have pianos. And we must be fashionable
even if the baby becomes epileptic and the rest
of us go crazy." (from Girls of Today. December 18, 1875)

This made me chuckle aloud. Read all of it here.

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