Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Diary of a Piano Teacher

A possible addition to the summer reading list.

"The short chapters read like conversation with a friend well-versed in classical music and performers. Barnhart spends many a page reminiscing about his teacher, Rosina Lhevinne — known only as Madame Lhevinne to her students. She introduced every new piece by writing "W-H-Y" in bold letters at the top of the composition and demanding that her students consider why the composer made the decisions he or she did. ...Also, while Barnhart's main focus is music, he makes no secret of his politics (Democrat) or his interest in the private lives of famous musical figures. Discussion of the sex lives of Beethoven, Liszt and Tchaikovsky — among others — makes the book not great for kids. "

Hmmm. Yes, why? More here.

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