Monday, August 01, 2005


A recent post at Retroklang (a great blog) on Stravinksy and his experiments during the 50's with serialism reminded me of another Stravinsky experiment: his work with the Pianola or, if you like, player piano.

When one thinks of Etudes written for player piano it's usually in connection with Conlon Nancarrow. But several decades before Nancarrow, Stravinsky took up the idea of writing a set of etudes for player piano. Of this only one etude was completed, titled appropriately enough "Etude pour Pianola".

You can learn more about Stravinsky's work with the pianola and listen to some it here (including some nice clips from the Rite of Spring).

As well, visit this site to hear an interview with Conlon Nancarrow on his work

The website of master pianolist Rex Lawson is well worth a visit.

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