Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Can I Blame It On Charo?

"Stupid Charo!"

That's exactly what I muttered as I crawled into bed late last night.

The reason: I had heard that Charo, she of Cuchi-Cuchi fame, was going to be peforming Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto. This struck me, in my ignorace, as wildly improbable and just a tad juicy. But not knowing much about Charo's background, I went googling for more info. Sadly, one of the links I followed flooded my PC with spyware. Luckily my anti-spyware and anti-virus programs caught most of the trouble makers. But some were pretty stubborn. I had to manually scrub the pc. It took a little over an hour. Cuchi-Cuchi, indeed.

Ah, about the Rodrigo concerto (in an interview she describes it this way: "It's a most beautiful concerto," she gushed, "trust me on that. All you have to do is listen to this music and you feel your brainy organ."). Charo is performing it and she is, in fact, a trained classical guitarist. She even studied for a time under the great Andres Segovia. I never knew ! But it pleases me to know this. In much the same way that it pleases me to know that Phylls Diller plays piano.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Who knew?!?

Kinda makes you wonder about the Gabor sisters.

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