Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Leave Your Mark!!

I am pretty excited about The Well-Tempered Blog's new "Guest Map" (the link to it is on the RH column) please check it out and leave your mark!! I am always interested and often surprised by where readers of this humble blog are located, so "Guest Map" was a bit of geekiness I couldn't resist implementing.

Please drop by and "leave your mark" on the Well-Tempered Blog. The "Guest Map" has a satellite and map view feature, you can scroll about the globe, and leave comments and links to your own blog/website.

Perhaps a tad nerdy, but I like it.

Just find your spot on the map (you can move the map with your mouse or use the sliders on the left of the map), click on the location, a message box will pop-up. Enter all the fields and leave an icon marker (if you don't select a marker the message will not appear). Click the button "Place!" and, voila, you're done !


Steve said...

That map is pretty cool. I'm going to add it to my blog. Thanks for posting about it.

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Hey thanks! I'll look forward to visiting your map.

Anonymous said...

Love this map! (I tried to add it to my blog, but can't figure out how the heck to do it. Sigh. I'm such a computer idiot.)

Anyway, I'll be keeping my eye on your map ... so fun to see where people are located!

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Patty, You've a great blog! Bummer about the map. To get the map you have to be able to paste code into your template. I'm not familiar with UserLand Manila. So I'm not sure I can be of much help.