Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Pianist Dave Brubeck has a new composition:

Dave Brubeck can finally cross something off that's been on his "to-do" list for nearly 60 years: The legendary jazz pianist will unveil a new six-minute choral work called "The Commandments" Sept. 14 at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall, as part of the second annual Jewish Music Heritage Festival in New York.
More here.

Gordon Boelzner, pianist and director long associated with the New York City Ballet, recently passed away at age 68. More

The legendary jazz pianost Francy Boland has also passed away. More info

A CD to keep your eye out for: "Bagels and Bongos" which "features an interview with 90-year-old pianist Irving Fields, who still plays six nights a week at a Manhattan nightclub." Read the rest

More the on the so-called "Piano Man". Seems a bit of a nutter when all is said and done:

"He was not popular at school and appears to have compensated by becoming an attention seeker. Articles and letters published in the school magazine attest to his obsession with notoriety. Many were signed "Scatman" -- an apparent reference to the style of jazz singing that uses sounds imitating instruments instead of words. It now seems appropriate for a man who played the piano in hospital rather than speaking to doctors. " Read all about it

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