Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Talk about Taking A Beating

Pity the poor drummer. He must serve up 5,144 hits on the snare drum during a performance of Ravel's "Bolero".

Or cellists. Mahler's "Fifth Symphony" keeps 'em busy with 6,400 movements of the left hand alone.

All of it can add up to injuries. I came across these factoids while reading an article on musicians and injuries.

"Musicians ages 35 to 45 were the most likely to report at least one problem (82 percent). The most severe problems hit the youngest musicians. Why younger? The theory is that people are practicing their hardest trying to get into orchestras or they are in orchestras for the first time and are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of learning new repertoire," Horvath says, noting that she has seen children as young as 12 suffering overuse injuries"

Read the interesting rest of this article here.

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