Thursday, August 11, 2005

Book List

I have been reading quite a bit this summer. Here's what's in the stack with a piano related theme:

The Piano Tuner by Robert Astle.

The Piano Tuner is an outrageous dialogue between Bob, a blind piano tuner, and a prepared piano. Bob has been summoned out to a house on the prairie to tune a derelict piano, and he soon discovers that the piano has been "prepared" with sounds, objects and stories which Bob must confront in order to bring the instrument back into tune."

The Odd Boy and His Precious Piano by Allen Howe

Ogilvy is a peculiar and sensitive boy; over protected by his quirky parents, and a budding musical prodigy. The Odd Boy and His Precious Piano charts his life from the age of three through twelve as he, among other experiences, is led about town on a leash by his mother, tap dances on an art-deco ferry, plays piano for Greta Garbo, discovers coffins in a bachelor neighbors basement, becomes a love-slave for the girl across the alley, kisses his best boyfriend, and competes in an international piano competition. Charming, poignant, and heartbreaking, The Odd Boy and His Precious Piano, through a unique child's voice, speaks directly to the adult heart."

Check 'em out!

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