Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cleveland Intern'l Piano Competition: Finalists

The finalists are:

Spencer Myer
Sergey Kuznetsov
Chu-fang Huang
Stanislav Khristenko


FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 8:00 PMSpencer Myer, 26, USASergey Kuznetsov, 27, RUSSIASATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 8:00 PMChu-Fang Huang, 23, CHINAStanislav Khristenko, 21, RUSSIA

If I were voting:
1st Prize: Chu-fan Huang
My vote for 2nd prize: Khristenko
My vote for 3rd prize: Kuznetsov

(Myer is a fine player, but I hear no originality or risk taking in his interpretations. Largely academic, studied, and polished to a high-pitch sheen. So I'm afraid I'm not in the "local lad" makes good camp this go-around. But I'm open to persuasion).

What I predict:

Huang 1st Prize
Myer 2nd Prize
Khristenko 3rd Prize

Stay tuned here.

Good luck Chu-fan Huang!

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