Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Today's Geek Alert for Musicians

If you got a paper cup, then you too can make a recording ala the retro cool "Edison Cylinder Plastic Cup Recording Device".

It's for real: "Use the same technology that Thomas Edison used, to record your own voice on a plastic cup -- and play it back! Replacing Edison's waxed pipe and stylus, the kit uses a plastic cup and a needle, but the end results are the same. "

And there's my personal fav, the Gakken Emile Berliner Gramophone Turntable:

"Simply place an old CD (AOL anyone?) on the gramophone, speak into the paper cup, and etch your record, which can then be played back on this (or another) Berliner Gramophone."

You can see the Edison in action here in this Quicktime .mov clip. That and more can be found on the awesome blog. It's today's blog pick.

Buy the gadgets here.

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