Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chopin Competition Prize Winners

The prize winners for the Chopin competition have been announced. Blechacz take 1st prize. The only real surprise: No 2nd or 3rd prize awarded. Much to say but really to what end about that, it's largely fodder for flunkies. BBC details here.

What little I heard of no.1's playing was singularly pleasant, if ultimately, forgetable playing of a 20 year old pianist. I'll keep my ears open though for further persuasion. So I look forward to this CD. More news from the Chopin can be found on their website. On a related note, I did get a chance to hear Wunder's playing. Wow!


pianoplayer0123 said...

This no.1 Polish pianist already got top prizes on other competitions like Hamamatsu. The Korean brothers that shared 3rd prize won Moscow Chopin Competition for young pianists in 1996.It was not surpize that they won, because I was second time competing with them ( in Moscow competition I was playing too).

Anonymous said...

Hi Bart, thanks for all your support.

I've started a series of entries on my journal documenting what might have happened in Warsaw - written as a travelogue, cited as unconfirmed rumors, while what I know to be true is veiled underneath. There'll also be two series of photos from the competition. You can get there through my site -, and click on the "journal" link on the left side menu.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for covering some of the Chopin competition... It was quite the experience for all who were there to listen, and especially for those who participated (I was there and had the unfortunate position of playing immediately after Blechasz in the Elimination Round... didn't make it past that; maybe next time! But I did listen to the majority of the competition, some fabulous pianists. Mei-Ting... you were GREAT!) Just one tiny correction: no 2nd prize was given and no FOURTH prize, either. The 3rd prize was given jointly to the Lim brothers, the 5th to two Japanese pianists, and the 6th to Ka Ling Colleen Lee...

pianoplayer0123 said...

Hello, BART!
I ust found on Chopin competition's website my photo- me sitting near column when 2 jury members go to announce the results. Its on that page: