Monday, October 10, 2005

A Journey with Jack

If it's not already caught your attention, take a trip "On the Overgrown Path" to read Pliable's latest essay/post! It's a fine introduction to pianist Carol Lian's new CD and the musical treasures of composer/pianist Jack Reilly.


"Jack Reilly's La-No-Tib Suite is a compact three movement bitonal work. The Suite packs quite a punch for such a compact work (a bit like Webern). A triplet figure followed by a dotted eighth dominate the work, the pianist is called on to improvise in two of the three parts, yet there is an underlying melodic and reflective quality that acts as an appealing counterpoint to the advanced musical language."


Pliable said...

Thx Bart - appreciated

Anonymous said...

Dear Bart,

This is a comment and a request...........

Just got introduced to your site via Pliable!!
I'm usually busy practicing but since Bob's "Journey with Jack Reilly" piece I've been in cyberspace too many hours today.

It was well worth it because now I know about your site; 'TIS OUTTA SIGHT!! I'll be returning to it nightly 'round midnight for some delicious reading.

May I have UNICHROM send you some of my cds? It'll be strictly for your edification with no strings attached,(pun intended). However..........................!!!

Just email me an addres and they'll be in the post manna.

My email address is or Choose one you like...........

Best Regards,

Jack Reilly.

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Wow! I am bowled over!!

Thank you for the kind words and generous offer. More, thank you for all the great music.

We'll be in touch.

Best, Bart.

Jack Reilly said...


Never heard from you with regard to sending some of my cds.

Send address.


Anonymous said...


Forgiveness is the order of the day!!!!!
For some strange reason I wound up on your site and saw your note re my cds.

I will remedy that as soon as you email me your address; my email addressis: