Monday, October 03, 2005

The Carnival of Music

Welcome folks to the 17th edition of the "Carnival of Music". Thanks to TexasBestGrok for having WTB host this week's Carnival. More information about the Carnival and links to previous edititions can be found here.

The FredoSphere points us to our first stop: DogBlog!

The DogBlog has up a fetching (I know, I know) post on the seemingly unlikely subject of Bruckner and the movies. Most interesting is his discovery of Bruckner in a Japanese sci-fi monster film. And, if DogBlog has you wanting to know more about Bruckner, you'll find an able guide at "Brucknerians" an English language website by Guillem Calaforra hosted at the Unversitat de Valencia, Spain.

And on the topic of music, japan, and film I'd would be remiss not to point you to this weird sci-fi gem: Wild Zero featuring "Guitar Wolf".

Some guitar themed blogging is found at Et Tu Bloge. A nice post on Dylan and
Martin Scorsese's new documentary on Dylan. More on Dylan can be found here on the blog "utopianTurtleTop".

And that brings us straight round to some engaging "
Thoughts on the Sonata "Process" (And Guitar)" on Hucbald's blog "A Monk's Musical Musings". You can download a copy of Hucbald's score and a midi file of the sonata here.

From Sonata to Variations ! Solitude in Music has a must not miss post on an impossible task: Transcribing Bach's Goldberg Variations for the guitar. The post ends with this quote by Glenn Gould:

"It is, in short, music which observes neither end nor beginning, music with neither real climax nor real resolution, music which, like Beaudelaires's lovers, "rests lightly on the wings of the unchecked wind."

Matters of counterpoint of another sort are found in a very interesting post (in Spanish) on Mozart, Karl Böhm, the Requiem over on that inimitable blog "La Idea del Norte", a blog that takes its name from Glenn Gould's "The Idea of North.".

But for now it's worth heading West to check in with Brian Sacawa 's blog "Sounds Like Now" for a report on new sounds and surprises found on a trip to San Francisco.

And Waterfall at A Sort of Notebook gets some strange blog traffic thanks to a certain opera singer. You'll find the details on her blog here.

Something however, you might want is a house full of pianos! Don't miss this great post over at FullerMusic which points us to a Boston Globe article on a house filled with pianos of various sorts.

Of pianos and pianists, the BookishGardener's blog has nice post on a recital by pianist Angela Hewitt and mulls the matter of even temperment. Check it out.

MusicCircus has a great post up on classical music and jazz. There's some very nice links in that post to keep you busy.

Andrea from the blog "Music to Live By" discovers a new blog, one focused on the business of music called, simply enough, "MusicBusiness Blog"

Klangfarbenmelodie ahoy! Another must visit blog is Retroklang (a Spanish language blog). Retroklang continues an exploration of Anton Webern's music with laser attention focused on Webern's Six Pieces for Orchestra Op. 6. It's nicely illustrated with .mp3 clips.

Another nicely illustrated post can be found on Pliable's blog "On an Overgrown Path". Pliable takes up the question of whether classical music is in too much of a hurry. Audio clips from a wide variety of periods/composers make this an especially rewarding post. Find it here.

If that's not "far out" enough, head over to "Space Audio" to have a listen to sounds recorded in/from space.

For more sounds not found anyplace else visit the blog "Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else. "

And more music to hear can be found over at "Podcast Bumper Music". Prent Rodgers has put up mp3's of his latest works. Check 'em out.

There is a very amusing post on Counter/Point3.0! A 12 step program called "Diva Anonymous" for recovering Divas. It's a keeper. Find it here.: "We admitted that we were powerless over our egos, and that our voices had become unmanageable."

Next week the Carnival travels to "HurdAudio".

Send in your suggestions for the next weeks Carnival and consider hosting a future installment.

Happy Surfing!


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