Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Round Two Competitors Announced for Richter International Competition

They are:

Claudio Carbo Montaner (Spain), Yung Wook Yoo (Korea), Ani Takidze (Georgia), Nami Ejiri (Japan), Vadim Sakharov (Russia), Jong Hwa Park (Korea), Sergey Koudriakov (Russia), Natalia Taldykina (Russia), Makoto Ueno (Japan), Yakov Katsnelson (Russia), Eldar Nebolsin (Russia), Vadim Rudenko (Russia), Eleonora Karpukhova (Russia).

Surprised that Phillipov's name is not among them. What's interesting here is that there is no competitor is admitted younger than 23 years of age. This rule makes sense. I think the Van Cliburn would do well to raise the bar similarly.

Some of those to keep an ear out for: Yakov Katsnelson, Vadim Sakharov, and Spain's Claudio Carbo Montaner.

Good luck to all!

The competition resumes on Friday with webcast available.

See some fotos from the competition.


Anonymous said...

Richter Competition in Moscow: THE NAME TO WATCH is:
Forget Mr. Sakharov as well as Mr. Katsnelson. The first one has neither the concept of music nor piano technique to give it voice (never had one in fact), the second is a mere piano student with enormous ambitions and failure on artistic delivery (watch him shamefully getting NO prize at all, and losing the Clara Haskil Competition of 2003!)
It is certain that Ms. Ejiri will NOT win "Richter"- Ms. Virsaladze and Mr. Bashkirov with the attached 'group' of Ms. Gutman, Mr. Maisenberg and Mr. Cosse - all old friends and various juries collaborators - will not allow that, naturally in favor of their own students Mr. Katsnelson and Mr. Nebolsin. Nevertheless, it is hard to hide the real artistic greatness and we, Moscovites know WHAT it is. And in this "Richter" competition there is ONLY ONE pianist who lives up to this definition: NAMI EJIRI - legendary quality playing from a world star from Japan!
(look for NAMI EJIRI on

Anonymous said...

True it is.
we heard NAMI EJIRI in rounds 1 and 2 and we are perplexed why the overwhelmingly "russian'influenced" jury LET Nami Ejiri into the Second Round. She is of enormous "danger" for the much supported Mr. Katsnelson and Mr . Nebolsin as well as other Russian participants. Ms. Ejiri's performances are indeed a breed apart from anything we heard in Moscow since Mikhail Pletnev's last recital!!
Ms. Ejiri is not only a great pianist. At the age of only 31! she has achieved already the wisdom and the artistry of legendary status!!

In fact, none of the jury members can achieve anything remotely close to what Ms. Ejiri already has. One can only imagine how envious the jury must be hearing Ms. Ejiri in these amazing performances.

We are all privileged to hear Nami Ejiri in Moscow again. (Nami was already in Moscow before at the Tchaikovsky Competition and she was let go from the first round - the "Tchaikovsky" jury was more "careful" than the "Richter" one. But we are positive they will not make the grave mistake of letting Nami Ejiri play in the finals.....what will all the 'katsnelsons' do then?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Nami Ejiri is well worth keeping an eye on, and is an exceptional musician. But to disparage the highly respected jury ("collaborators", "envious", "overwhelmingly Russian-influenced") wreaks of arrogance, racial prejudice, and pettiness: who here is really envious of whom?