Monday, June 06, 2005

Kobrin: Congratulations

A round of press pieces this morning for Alexander Kobrin.

ABC News.

Very nice essay by Jennifer Autrey in the DFW Star-Telegram.

My two favorites for the 1st prize, Kobrin and Cabassi, became fast friends at the competition:

"When they arrived, they became fast friends — discussing music during cigarette breaks and joking around while playing pool.Although the three-week event that launches classical music careers has been intense, it lacks the element of cutthroat competition among contestants — leading to a camaraderie between Cabassi and Kobrin and other pianists...Before the semifinalists were announced two weeks ago, the stocky Cabassi hammed it up for photographers and told the slim Kobrin to jump on his back to be carried into Bass Hall. Both advanced to the next round. Then before the finalists were named earlier this week, Kobrin again rode on Cabassi's back into the building. Both made the cut." Read it here.

The Baltimore-Sun has a nice run down on the Cliburn finalists and winners --including the Yang (who makes Lang Lang look positively comatose) and her freakish play-acting at the keyboard. Key graf:

"By contrast, Yang took top honors for oh-so-emotive physicality while playing. As she reached the end of the Brahms Sonata No. 1, she leaned way back on the piano bench, arms and legs thrust out. I don't know if she reached a transcendental state, but she very nearly achieved a horizontal one. " Read the rest.

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