Sunday, June 05, 2005


1st Place Kobrin
2nd Place = Joyce Yang

3 rd Place - Sa Chen
Chamber music Award: Joyce Yang
Taylor Smith Award: Joyce Yang

Well Tempered Blog correctly predicted 1st Prize and 3rd prize winners
! Just enormously sad and surprised to see Yang snagged a medal. A disappointing decision I believe by the judges on that score. Well at least she didn't place first !


As promised earlier, here's the prediction fromthe Cliburn in-house "bloggers":

Carl Tait predicted

1st Prize: Huang,
2nd Prize: Kobrin,
3rd Prize: Yang

Mike Winters predicted and hedged his bets with ties:

Kobrin and Huang – share gold medal
Yang and Chen – share silver
Plano – crystal


Anonymous said...

woo-hooo Kobrin!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Yang are ridiculous.
I assume you are a balding, middle-aged pianist with no career whatsoever and no charisma whatsoever. Don't blame her for it!