Thursday, June 02, 2005

Blogging and the Cliburn

The local FW and Dallas papers have been doing a generally fine job covering the Van Cliburn Competition and providing interesting side-stories. Well worth checking 'em out.

Recently the Dallas News ran a story on blogs and the competition that gave me a good chuckle. Here's the key graf:

"As the Well-Tempered Blogger, he [Thomas Vitzthum] regularly blogs for, a German-language Web site that reaches 180,000 classical music fans and receives well over a million hits a month. The site was invited by the Cliburn Foundation through a London agency to give a European presence to the competition, "which is not so famous in Germany," Mr. Vitzthum says."

read the rest here. Confusion in blogland! Hmmmm, guess I better start brushing up on German. : )

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