Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Beethoven, the iPod, and the mp3

The BBC is making available for download all 9 of the Beethoven symphones, plus doing podcasts. Yay!

Some details:

"The MP3 offer was set up to gauge audiences' appetite for music downloads and guide the corporation's future strategy for audio downloads and on-demand content. Downloading technologies can transform the value we deliver to listeners and make our programmes more accessible for both new and existing audiences," said Simon Nelson, controller of BBC Radio and Music Interactive."

Read the rest here .

And, don't you just know it, somebody somewhere is always a kill-joy:

"..the move has predictably ruffled some feathers within the orchestral community, with many pointing to a major cannibalization threat. That mirrors larger concerns within major labels, with many top executives and lawyers viewing the format as a simple variation of illegal file-sharing."

More here.

And even more here.

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