Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cliburn Chatter: Eyes Wide Shut

That's the only way to listen to Yang.

When I'm not distracted by her facial contortions something else comes into the view: her seeming lack of command and understanding of the music she is playing. I believe what one hears, eyes wide shut, is a very gifted piano student, but not a finished product. The artistry, such as it is, is only fragmentary and it is way too early to say what may come of it.

Music seems more as a prop for her emoting, she stretches the very idea of "concert pianist" to the point of absurd characterture, making it more about spectacle than about art itself. It is the same feeling I get with Lang Lang. Another wag has already taken to calling her Yang Yang. No surprise.

What was the jury thinking in advancing her to the finals?

A wonderful contrast was Sa Chen. A strong performance that sparkled with verve and pianistic panache.

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pianoplayer0123 said...

Hello, Bart:

Kobrin also during his recitals has different facial expressions and many great pianists have too.It is common for musicians to express the character of music that they are performing in the movements of their faces.