Monday, June 27, 2005

Boston Amateur Competition Winners

Winners for the 2005 Boston International Piano Competition for Exceptional Amateurs are:

1st Place: Henri Delbeau, Physician, (USA)

2nd Place: Gerardo Molina, Computer Systems Engineer (Mexico)

3rd Place: Tim Adrianson, Food Technologist (USA)

4th Place: Robert Fraser, retired Lawyer (USA)

5th Place: John Rose, Special Education Teacher (USA)

Amateur, like all else, is somewhat relative. Make no mistake, these are all finally trained pianists who studied long and hard. Many have exceptional pedagogic pedigrees and advanced training, but for one reason or another a full-blown concert career (or at least one in music generally) never took root for them. They are not amateurs in the sense of the neighborhood pianist who rifles thru Chopin preludes and teaches piano lessons. and so on. They seem somewhere else in the spectrum of "professional" musicians. Perhaps the phrase "exceptional amateurs" hits it right. Still one wonders what keeps them from taking up music as their full-time career.

Many of these are familiar names as they have competed in this or other "amateur competitions" (for example, Delbeau and Adriason are alums. Mexcian pianist Molia has competed in others). Indeed, there is a whole circuit of amateur competitions to keep one busy. Some perform regularly and are deeply involved in the arts, other less so. All are worth hearing if you get the chance. Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

"Still one wonders what keeps them from taking up music as their full-time career."

Why would a physician give up a successful practice to become one of the innumerable pianists without a hope of a career. Surely you jest.

John Ruggero