Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Yundi Li: Another Over-Hyped Pianist?

At last a reviewer who speaks the truth, or at least agrees with something I've been saying for awhile: Yundi Li is a disappointment.

My own view is that his pianistic talents are vastly over-stated. On the upside, he lacks the idiotic appearing antics of Lang-Lang:

"He opened with Mozart's C Major Sonata, K. 330, and I immediately liked his dry touch. But doubts soon crept in with an uninflected left hand and predictable shading: loud, then soft on the repeat, then loud again. Mozart injected a lot of joy into this sonata, but Li's phrases came out in straightforward, declarative sentences, correct and dull."

True the reviewer holds out hope he'll develop in time. I, on the other hand, hold out no such hope. Hard work and time can not compensate for what is lacking.



Anonymous said...

Have you heard his music?

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed!

>> Have you heard his music?
I doubt he composes or is even capable of doing it...