Friday, April 15, 2005

The Piano Tuner Takes to the Stage!

Robert Astle's one-man show "The Piano Tuner" looks very interesting. More here.The story of Bob a blind piano tuner (pace Oedipus) in search of understanding finds it in curious sounds of the piano. From the dust-jacket of the book of and by the same:

"Bob has been summoned out to a house on the prairie to tune a derelict piano, and he soon discovers that the piano has been "prepared" with sounds, objects and stories which Bob must confront in order to bring the instrument back into tune.
A tragedy in the classic sense, The Piano Tuner follows Bob into his harrowing past, revealing the shocking murder of Bob's former wife and his subsequent incarceration. But this is also a story of redemption. As Bob struggles to bring the piano into tune he rediscovers his long-lost son, Baby Boy; it is he who has filled the piano with the sounds, objects and stories and summoned the piano tuner."
check it out.

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