Friday, April 15, 2005

And the Winner Is ! - News from the Rubinstein

The Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition winner has been announced. It's the young Ukranian pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk (he currently resides in Australia). According to the judges, "the Ukrainian is the only one with something demonic". In deed, I do like a little fire in the playing and that seems to be something often missing in the current crop of competition going pianists --polished and skilled, but nothing edgy or jagged. On the other hand, there is the faux edge of the gaudy antics of a Lang-Lang and company. But that's for another post.

Gavrylyuk is remarkable for another reason. Following a car crash (and serious head trauma) it was thought that he would never speak or play the piano again. His then is a remarkable tale. Read more here.

There ares some kooky photos of him here. He is, um, a bit "fuggly" but as long as plays with "demonic" passion that's just fine.

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