Sunday, April 03, 2005

Wanna Buy a Piano

if you're looking for to put a little of pop music under your fingers, literally, well there good news afoot. Dave Stewart of the "Eurythmics" is selling off his beautiful and oft heard Bechstein grand piano. Bechstein's are beautiful beasts and ought to feature a pretty penny. But you'll have to hurry. I'm sure it'll meet it's resever price.

"The black BECHSTEIN grand - which Stewart has owned for over 20 years - has been used to compose all the band's major hits, including SWEET DREAMS and HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN. But the piano is being auctioned in London tomorrow (04APR05) with a reserve price of $5,700 (GBP3000), in preparation for Stewart's move across the Atlantic."

More here and if you're ready go here

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