Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'll Have that Piano Well Done: Tuning the Piano for an Artist

Now here is an interesting story... Anton Kuerti, a Canadian pianist of some note, is performing and leading a master class. What's interesting is it's Kuerti and it's related to prepping a piano for an artist... And one can't help but wonder what specifications he'd like the piano prep'd to meet.

Here is a couple of key graphs that caught my attention in the article: "At today's rehearsal, Kuerti will share insights into the specifications the piano requires. The touch, the action of the keys and the voicing are critical to producing the sound an artist prefers."


""He likes a slightly different type of voicing. He'll compare a piano as to how effective a tool it is for him to play. He wants as much control of the action as possible for full dynamic range." (emphasis mine).

I would say so, the few times I've seen him and he literally bangs the piano --a very heavy hand. He does strike me as the most, uh, nuanced of pianists.

Oh well, funny old world I suppose. Read it


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