Monday, November 20, 2006

Then there were 12: Hamamatsu Update

The 12 semi-finalists have been announced. Here they are in order of ranking, nationality, and age.

Claire HUANGCI U.S.A. 16
WANG Chun China 16
Alexej GORLATCH Ukraine 18
KIM Tae-Hyung Korea 21
Evgeny CHEREPANOV Russia 22
Alessandro TAVERNA Italy 23
LIM Hyo-Sun Korea 25
Sergey KUZNETSOV Russia 28
Dinara NADZHAFOVA Ukraine 17
KITAMURA Tomoki Japan 15
Slawomir WILK Poland 24
Nikolay SARATOVSKIY Russia 19

Good luck to all. More info here.

Remember you can listen to the competition and view streaming video in real-time or by way of the archive of past performances) here.

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