Monday, November 20, 2006

downsizing classical music


"Late last week, Sony BMG Music Entertainment underwent a major downsizing. Among the casualties were the key staffers in what has come to be called Sony BMG Masterworks – encompassing Sony Classical, Columbia Masterworks, BMG Classics, RCA Red Seal, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi and pretty much every other classical or classical-related label under the legendary companies once known as CBS Records and RCA Records."
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According to a statement from Sony, "“This will make the label leaner, more responsive and more effective in adapting to the new realities of reaching the classical music consumer." (link)

Huh? I just don't get it.


Shablagoo! said...

In English: "We're cutting costs, releases and jobs to focus on cod-classical 'music' by acts such as 'The Choirboys' and buxom, lacklustre female sopranoes"

As the market shrinks and the older generation of executives who cared about having comprehensive Classical archives and labels dwindles it would seem this is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Sony/BMG can do whatever they like because thankfully we still have the likes of Naxos, Hyperion, Chandos, et al, who aren't beholden to an insatiable desire for the next, big, top-10 blockbuster crossover/rubbish compilation.

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