Monday, November 06, 2006

Honens: from drab to fab

Fine write up that's more revealing about the nature of the Honens International Piano Competition than anything else.

Key grafs:


"We're not looking for the kind of sensational virtuoso that galvanizes an audience so they're so overwhelmed by the rush that nerve endings are practically sliced off," says Aide, the former head of the keyboard division at the University of Toronto's faculty of music. "We're looking for someone with comprehensive versatility -- someone who has unbelievable technical prowess in the service of the score and can convey a commanding personal response to the score.


""I'm not saying we're sexing up classical music, but when you see a young person who is stylish and confident and has it together going out onstage, the audience feels the magic in the air.

"Musicianship is still the most important thing. But if they're going to get ahead, they need the balls to sell themselves."

And just to be sure about it, the winners get a make-over:

"Their first week of career development includes a consultation with a stylist, shopping for performance clothes, a photo shoot with a fashion photographer and a visit to the Banff Centre, where they will be encouraged to start thinking about how to expand their repertoire and develop a niche."

Sounds like a job for the fab five.  (just kidding)

Read the read rest here.


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