Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Out and Around Blogsville

Check out the 92nd Street Y's Blog. It's not just for New Yorker's! There's loads of good stuff to found there for anyone interested in the arts. I found this recent post on music and technology especially interesting. Money quote:

"2002 Classical Music Consumer Segmentation Study, which found that of those Americans who consider themselves lovers of classical music, only half attend concerts regularly, with the other half choosing to listen in their cars or on their home stereo systems, computers, etc."
Find the rest of it here.

Click-worthy is "Mr Dan Kelly's Blog" which rolls into November with a lovely post on composer Josquin Des Prez: "Early, pre-Elizabethan music is a fascinating field. The "rules" for classical music had yet to be set by 17th and 18th century composers, so it all sounds beautifully alien to the modern ear, especially the choir pieces." Link.

Long overdue for mention is Professor Heebie McJeebie's delightful "Classical Pontifications" blog. Classical music's answer to Stephen Colbert. Bookmark and visit often. Most tasty is the Professor's warning on over-relying on inspiration.

There's also an interesting blog by a music librarian that's worth keeping an eye, and it's most recent post is on Horowitz' book "Classical Music in America: A History of Its Rise and Fall". Find it here.

Brian Sacawa, concert saxophonist and blogger extraordinaire, has a new cyber home. Find the blog here and the webpage here. Blogerati everywhere have already updated their bookmarks. You should too.

I'd be remiss if I didn't point you to this sweet post by Cathy Fuller: Good Vibrations. "If Debussy's insistence that you get your piano to sound like it has no hammers is a little bit too taxing an illusion to maintain, maybe it's easier to consider the sweet, flexible nature of those hammers, and the profoundly magical result that comes from their vibrations. " I was thinking of her post this weekend while my friend and piano technician's shop. The photo with this post is a result of said visit.

And by way of Oboeinsight (a long time WTB favorite), I discovered a new L.A.-centric arts blog that's too good not to mention. Check 'em out.

Me and you and a dog named "Nick". Here's one of many a little lesson to be found on one of the best blogs on the Internet: "La Idea del Norte". (I just realized now that I've probably seen other fotos of emejota and not realized it. A fine mug to match a fine blog).

From dogs to swans. The BofA Celebrity Series Blog teases and pleases the little grey cells with five little known facts about Swan Lake. Check it out.

And by way of " A Million Little Fibers" you can savor pianist Pollini playing Stockhausen. You find it here. from 43 seconds in to the end is priceless. It's so like.. Seeing reading.

Surf's up!

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