Tuesday, October 03, 2006

cell phone concertino

A few days back I put up a post on a composition featuring cell phones. Here's a review:

" "You are a part of history," Freeman soberly informed his listeners as he gave them their pre-performance pep talk. When a green light flashed, the downstairs audience was to switch on their ring tones; when a red light appeared, it was the cue for the upstairs crowd to do the same.

Audiences, however, seldom do exactly as they are told, so there often were moments of chiming, jingling chaos as various cell-phone noises went off randomly when they weren't supposed to. (John Cage would have adored the effect.) Order was restored—sort of—when four players onstage sounded repeating figures on their mobile devices that were picked up by the rest of the orchestra."

Does sound fun ! Link.

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